2 Little Ones March Confidently On Stage With Song Choice That Brings Millions To Tears

We’ve heard popular artists like Josh Groban and Westlife belt their hearts out to “You Raise Me Up,” but we’ve never heard a version as emotionally moving as this. Jeffrey Li, 10, and Celine Tam, 7, took the stage at the Miss World competition and shared a rendition of the song that’s unlike anything we’ve ever heard.

Now footage of their breathtaking rendition of “You Raise Me Up” is touching hearts all over the world. Once you hear these children sing for yourself, you’ll understand why the world is in love with Jeffery and Celine…

As viewers from around the globe tuned in, Jeffery and Celine walked calmly to center stage and waited for the live video chorus to chime in. As soon as the chorus started singing behind them, they belted the lyrics to “You Raise Me Up.”

They hit every note perfectly and remained calm as a huge audience watched their every move!

Their beautiful voices rang throughout the theater and gave everyone watching in person and online goosebumps!

Even though most people associate “You Raise Me Up” with Josh Groban, the song’s history is actually much more complex. It was originally an instrumental piece by Secret Garden titled “Silent Story.” Shortly after its creation, Rolf Lovland, the composer for Secret Garden, approached an Irish songwriter named Brendan Graham and asked him to create lyrics for the music.

Grahman came back to Lovland with the lyrics to “You Raise Me Up,” and Irish singer Brian Kennedy was brought in to record the song.

Even though the song was a hit in Europe, it didn’t hit the top chart in the United States until Josh Groban released his version. Since the original release in 2001, “You Raise Me Up” has been covered by more than 125 different artists.

Despite the huge number of musical renditions out there, Jeffery and Celine’s version of the song is one that will go down in history!

Listen to Jeffery and Celine sing “You Raise Me Up” here. They’re an inspiration!


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